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Punnett Square Activities

Punnett Square Activities

Remember: These activities are NOT to go in your lab notebook. Either print them out and do them there or copy the problems to notebook paper.

Note: The practice problem Punnet Squares look a little different than the ones in the book. This is a limitation of the way boxes/tables can be done on a webpage. Think of a punnett square like a multiplication table. The square in the very top left hand corner is like where the X would go.

One Factor Crosses

If you don't quite understand how to do the one factor crosses then the Sample One Factor Cross page will walk you through how to do a one factor cross. This is an instructional page, only do it if you need help in understanding how to do a Punnett Square for a one factor cross.

If you already understand how to do a Punnett Square for a one factor cross then you should do the One Factor Cross Practice Problems. After you feel comfortable doing one factor crosses, then move on to the Two Factor Crosses below.

Two Factor Crosses

I would suggest that you all do the Sample Two Factor Cross Page. Even if you think you understand this one, it can be confusing and complicated. This page will walk you through a sample two factor cross and explain what to do every step of the process.

After you understand how to do the two factor crosses, complete the Two Factor Crosses Practice Problems. Good luck with these.



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