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Honors Biology

Pre-AP Honors Biology

Pre-AP Honors Biology is an introductory course in life sciences and is designed to help prepare students to take AP Biology. Pre-AP Honors Biology will address the life sciences benchmark 3 EALRs. It deals with a broad range of topics including cell biology, biochemistry, current biological issues, genetics, reproduction, evolution, taxonomy and ecology. This course includes lecture, lab (including dissections), field work and discussion activities and requires the use of various types of lab equipment. Students are expected to meet all learning outcomes described in the syllabus.

This is an Honors level course. Students in this course will be expected to work to their full potential. Extra time at home to study and prepare for class assignments and labs and to study for test will be necessary in order to be successful. It will not be acceptable for any student to act in a way that would interfere with another student’s ability to learn.

Technology is an important part of this course. Students will be expected to use appropriate technology in the pursuit of the learning outcomes as outlined in the syllabus. Microsoft Office Applications will be the primary software applications used. There are adequate computer resources available in the classroom as well as throughout the school; however, there will be an expectation students will also need to access computers outside of the school day. Computers are available for student use before and after school in our library and available at the Foster Public Library outside of school hours.


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